Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stuff We Don't Buy // Part 10

Part 10. Cable TV

I hate TV - there I said it. I'm a total nerd at heart and my favorite hobby is reading. I grew up in a home where we had cable TV and I feel like it was ALWAYS on even if no one was watching it. When I moved out as a single woman, I decided that I would not purchase cable TV. 

For a while I opted for Amazon Instant Video which allowed me to watch TV shows and movies but I decided not to renew my subscription when I realized I couldn't justify the cost. 

My husband and I currently have Netflix and occasionally will download apps for certain TV networks for free access to full episodes of our favorite shows. 

Our current Netflix favorite is The 100.

We previewed a few other shows and this was the first one we came to that didn't have an inappropriate scene within the first 5 minutes (sad but true!). 

I was really hoping Octavia would have been killed off in the first or second episode (who's with me? !). 

I don't think having cable is bad, wrong or sinful, it's just not something I prefer. 
I believe that life is way too short to spend hours in front of the tube however, I married a man who likes to relax after work by watching TV for a bit and it has actually been helpful for me to learn how to do the same. 

How about you? 
Do you still have cable or have you found an alternative that you prefer?

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