Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stuff We Don't Buy // Part 5

5. Dish Detergent

Yep, I make this too. This is actually something I started doing while still single because I was looking for a detergent with natural ingredients and the only one I could find at my local grocery store was about $8.00 for 20 loads. 

I was frustrated with the detergent prices and began to wonder if there was a way to make it myself that would be less expensive. 

I found this recipe and made my first batch (just an FYI - citric acid doesn't come from squeezing the juice of an orange and adding it to the mix - believe me, I tried - once I learned what it is, I was able to find some on the Mason jar aisle at Wal Mart for about $3). 

I've played around with the recipe a bit and have come up with the following: 

1 part Borax

30-50 drops of Lemon Essential Oil 
(I'm sure any brand will do the trick - some people are more particular about their oils than others but since I use it for cleaning, I'm not too picky.)

I use white vinegar for the rinse agent and voila! 

I pretty much always have Borax and Super Washing Soda on hand since I use those items to make my laundry detergent

For us, it has been a very cheap alternative to the pricy options at our grocery store and has saved us quite a bit of money over time. 

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