Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stuff We Don't Buy // Part 7

7. Processed Foods

This one is a little more painful to write about than the others. Not that I'm totally bummed about it (because I'm not) but it has been especially challenging for me because I have a sweet tooth. If I weren't convicted about the need to care for my body and my baby, I would probably find a way to eat chocolate every day.

 I just LOVE chocolate!

I also love ice cream, and certain types of candy. 

Although I believe that I have been doing well with eating throughout my pregnancy, I was recently convicted after reading this blog post by my sweet friend Tawney. 

I've had a few very minor health challenges throughout my pregnancy that served, in a sense, as a wake up call. 

In addition to finding out that I've become anemic (for which I've had to take iron supplements) my doctor recently told me that I barely passed my glucose test because I've been eating too much sugar and carbs. (Mind you, my husband and I did receive a box of Christmas cookies the day before and I forgot I had the test scheduled. So naturally, I sampled each cookie. . . ). 

As much as I want to give in to my flesh and buy junk, I know it's not what's best for my family. 
My hope is that since I'm the one who prepares the meal plans and meals, I can serve my family by being a good steward of our money and health. 

Finding different snack items has been challenging but it has forced me to question how often I actually truly need snacks. 

I know that 1 Corinthians 10:31 states, "So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

Earlier this week I asked myself if the way I was eating sweets was glorifying to God or if it was just fulfilling a desire of my flesh. 
Although I know I can enjoy sweets to His glory, most often it is just for myself. 

With this in mind, I have worked really hard to come up with meals and snacks that don't include processed foods. 

Here's what we've had for dinner this week:

Monday - Chuck Roast Tacos & Beans (I found a big piece of meat for under $5 at Sprouts. I threw it in the crock pot with cumin, chili powder, paprika & garlic salt and let it sit for 3 hours. We used tortillas from Trader Joe's & refried beans from Trader Joe's which are fat free). 

Tuesday - Plantain Nachos (The whole meal is Paleo - it's super filling and delicious)

Wednesday - Pizza & Salad (the crust and sauce were Paleo, the pepperoni was natural & nitrate free so the worst part was the cheese)

Thursday - Paleo Chicken Stir Fry & Long Grain Brown Rice

Friday - Baked Potato Soup 

For snacks I usually have apples, bananas and baby carrots on hand. I use Trader Joe's peanut butter to dip them in (yep, even for the carrots). I also have popcorn kernels on hand which I like to stove pop with coconut oil and sea salt and on occasion I buy almonds to snack on. 

Removing processed foods from our diet hasn't been easy but so far it has been SO worth it - not only for our health but for our budget as well!

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