Friday, February 12, 2016

Stuff We Don't Buy // Part 9

Part 9. Fancy Coffee Drinks

Okay, so for a while, my husband and I were not drinking Starbucks because this list came out naming the companies that donate to Planned Parenthood and Starbucks happened to be one of them. 

Also, with the drinks ranging from at $3-$5 each, we decided that it would be best to deny ourselves since those little trips to grab coffee were quickly adding up. 

Recently, however, I found this blog post that I agree with wholeheartedly. My husband and I also have many friends who work for Starbucks and love Jesus, so I've considered that when we do buy fancy coffee drinks, we are supporting believers who (hopefully) are supporting their local churches. I've also heard that Starbucks is big on helping its employees with adoption costs which, I think, is pretty rad. 

Overall, this has been (for the most part) an easy way for us to put a few bucks back into our monthly budget. Right now my husband is the only coffee drinker in our home and he makes his own "fancy" coffee at home with his pour over contraption which apparently is a big deal here in Austin. 

I think if we do decide to go out for coffee habitually in the future, we will make a coffee budget and, although we're from California and we're okay with drinking Starsucks (as it's referred to out here) we will probably be supporting our local coffee shops instead. Our favorites so far are Houndstooth, Seventh Flag, Mozart's and Common Grounds

Has anyone else had the Starbucks dilemma? 

Have any of y'all had to "sacrifice" coffee for the sake of the budget?

 I'd love to know - feel free to comment below with your response!

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