Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stuff We Don't Buy // Part 8

Part 8. Water Bottles

This was one of the unnecessary items that I cut from our budget when D and I were first married. No, we didn't stick with tap (although I'm usually fine with that). I decided to buy this reusable mug for D and we used wedding gift cards to purchase this filter for our sink. We were both shocked by how hot a Texas summer can be and I decided buying the reusable mug would be better for my husband (and for our budget) than us buying water bottles every week. Honestly we probably aren't saving a ton of money but every bit helps. The mug is also great because it keeps his water cold for hours. 

I finally decided to buy this Thermos for myself because I forget to drink water throughout the day. 
Yes, it's a little pricey but I think the investment in my health and the small bit of money we're saving by not buying water bottles makes it worth it. 

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