Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Was the Year I . . .

By the grace of God (and only by His grace) 2011 was a great year! 2011 was the year that I:

Paid off my car
(I got the pink slip, daddy!)

Learned to coupon

 Won 2 contests 
(maybe I'm the next the Prizewinner from Defiance, Ohio!)

     Rode a horse for the first time

 (I had REALLY been wanting to do this!)
This was my horse Bill. Notice his tongue sticking out? Right after that he almost head butted me...pretty much how the ride went. It was definitely fun, but let's just say he's not the brightest crayon in the box!

    Became a school secretary

Learned to depend on Christ more and myself less (I'm independent, so this was hard but good!)
This sign always serves as a great reminder that God is in control and I can fully trust Him. He is my Heavenly Father that cares for me and loves me so much! This was taken at the Happiest Place on Earth (I'll give you a's NOT Disneyland). 

Started paying for my own phone service

Saw Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber on the same night...with my best friend!

Finished my Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree

Learned a new crochet stitch (triple crochet)

Saw the Neon Trees perform

Went kayaking in the Dana Point Harbor

Mi y mi madre. Tacky photo? Yes! But there aren't too many people just hanging out or "rowing" by that can take your photograph when you're in the middle of the harbor. 

Started serving in the Children's Ministry at my fabulous church!

Saw Needtobreathe (they opened up for T-Sweezy)

(Yeah...that may be me singing in the background...but if it is, I'll never tell!)

Here's to a safe and fun New Year's Eve!