Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tune in Tuesday

Well my friends, it's been a while but I'm back. . . and better than ever!!! Okay, not really, but I am doing well :) I have to admit, when I found out our dear T-Sweezy was releasing another album I groaned inwardly (if that's even possible). "Oh great," I thought to myself - "Another album filled with rants and raves about how she dated some guy who *GASP* broke her heart." Do I love me some T-Swift? You bet I do! Do I love break up songs? Ummmm . . . no! Why would I want to spend my free time listening to a SAD song?
 I have rules of the road (more like rules for life) and they include 1. If you know the words to a song, you must sing along and 2. NO BREAK UP SONGS!
 I had predetermined that I was out of the Taylor Swift stage. I really felt compelled to not listen to her music after hearing the shameful Better Than Revenge (spare yourself the time and effort in listening to it- it's a non Christlike response to a girl who "stole" her boyfriend). I was not feeling 22 and was ready to embrace my 23 year old maturity by moving onto wiser, more mature sounding music (I'm not sure what that would have entailed). When anyone even mentioned the new c.d. I just considered my previous experiences with Swift music and how the break up genre was getting old fast. I thought to myself, "We are never ever getting back together (like. ever.)." Then I heard that her song was titled after my thoughts (okay, maybe she thought of it first) and I knew I was through. I did not want to like the song. I would not want to like the song. I listened to the song. I found myself singing the song. And my plan went downhill from there.

I realized that I actually did like her new song even though it was a break up song, because it had a happy tone to it. I sampled the other songs on iTunes but decided I would not be purchasing this album. There were too many different styles and it just didn't work. My little sister is a huge T-Swift fan and bought the album at Target and Wal Mart so she could have all the extra goodies. This got me thinking...hmmm...she has 2 copies of the same c.d. I shamelessly asked if I could have a copy and she said yes. I have to admit - it was love at first listen! There are a few sad/beautiful/tragic songs on the album that I skip, but other than that, I can't stop listening to it. I actually enjoy the different styles and can't wait to see her in concert again
What I love about this album is the reaction of listeners - they love it or they don't.
 Either way their reaction is red. 
What do you think?


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