Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Todays challenge is to ask God to help you consider people you know of who have faced difficult circumstances and to thank Him for sparing you from such circumstances. I believe that each person has, to some degree, their own suffering to bear and this will look different for each person. When I read this challenge, I immediately thought of my dad's boss who lost his dad earlier this year and then his mom unexpectedly last weekend. My mom told me last week to pray for him in order to take the focus off of myself (why yes, she is good at pointing out my sin). I also thought of two of my students who have both lost their mother within the past two weeks. It really hit home when I was sitting at the funeral service for one of their mothers. Whenever we see others suffering it seems that we begin to compare circumstances. I like this challenge, because it helped me realize that in life there will always be people who are better off than you and those who have it way worse than you. Remembering the ways in which God has cared for me, whether suffering or not, is a great way to focus on who I am in Him rather than my circumstances. It makes sense that since I follow Him, I should be grateful when times are good and bad because ultimately He allows both types of circumstances for my good and His glory. Love, Lolo


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