Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

So once again, it's Thanksgiving. Not that I'm ungrateful ('cause I'm not) but let's be honest - Facebook = information overload. I'm kinda over Facebook. You want to know what the general population thinks about politics? Facebook. You want to know what everyone and their mother (and brother. . . and in some cases dog) is thankful for? Facebook. It's a bit much. Here's my simplified list and while you won't find me posting this as a Facebook status, you will find a link to this post - but that's a step up, right?

I'm thankful for:

Jesus standing in my place and bearing the weight of my sin.

My sister came home for Thanksgiving - please pray for Jesus to save her.

My church family - I'm especially grateful to the Stead's for having me over this week and showing me 
(You guys are amazing - I'm serious about becoming an adopted Stead.)

My Bible. 

 The ability to read my Bible without fear of being killed for doing so.

My family - y'all are a little cray cray but hey, I fit right in!

The little apartment that I get to call home for a season.

My job that allows me to pay the rent for said apartment. 

Food - no explanation needed (even if some of that food consists of Top Ramen).

The Lord's continued faithfulness to myself and others.

Ministry opportunities - Summer camp was great and Vinter Kamp Winter Camp is going to be ungluablich! (I may even a surprise or two up my sleeve. . . )



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