Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashion Faves

Here are my top five favorite fashion blogs:

1. Fash Boulevard
I recently discovered this blog when I saw some of the outfits she created for Lauren's Conrad's contest on Pinterest.

2. Kendi Everyday
I found this blog last year when I did a Google search for wedding blogs (yep, I'm one of those girls). Kendi also writes a blog called Better Off Wed which was how I found Kendi Everyday.

3. Lauren Conrad
Besides having an awesome name, LC also has a great eye for detail. I love her line for Kohl's and that her looks have simple and feminine details.

4. A Pretty Penny
I love that Keira is a florist by day and fashion blogger on the side. It sounds like she has a fairy tale life! I love that her looks are affordable.

5. The Beauty Department
Fashion, my friends, is so much more than clothes. That's why I'm grateful that along with her amazing team, LC gives tips on hair, makeup accessories and more.

If you're a dude, well . . . I got nothin'. But thanks for your readership!


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