Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tune in Tuesday

Due to some of the news (if you could call it that) stories that I've heard about John Mayer, I can't say that he is someone I would consider to be a good example of a role model. However when considering John Mayer the musician, it is almost worthless to attempt to argue his talent. The only album I used to have of John's was Born and Raised and while I do enjoy relaxing and listening to the album I still felt as if I were missing out on the goodness that is John Mayer music by not owning some of his classics such as Daughters, Gravity, Say and Why Georgia. When I first heard music from his album Where the Light is Live in Los Angeles via Pandora (why yes, I do Pandora while I work), it was love at first listen. While browsing Best Buy's pathetic inventory of CDs (those shiny discs that used to exist before MP3s . . . back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth) on Saturday I began looking through the slim selection to see if it would be possible that there was actually decent music for sale (by decent I mean made by musicians - you know, people who can actually write AND play music? - If you are under 20 you may not understand this concept). 

After hunting around for a few minutes I discovered that Where the Light is Live in Los Angeles was only $6.99 and it contained not one, but TWO discs.

 Two discs for less than ten bucks?! Sign me up! 
I can now proudly say that I own two John Mayer albums and while the live album doesn't contain all of my favorite songs by him, I have not been able to stop listening to it. 
Sometimes in life you just need new music and that was me this weekend. 
But wait! There's more . . . to come next week because quite frankly, I love music and couldn't imagine my life without it.
 If you have Spotify, listen to Where the Light is Live (or drop the $6.99) and let me what you think!
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