Thursday, July 19, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

The challenge for Day 9 is to consider what acts of generosity your heart is motivating you toward today. I don't feel like what I did can really be considered acts of generosity, but it will have to do for this challenge. I did the dishes in the morning (I'm working on dying to myself by trying to do the dishes before anyone else has the chance) and I helped the kids at work make friendship bracelets (they don't know how to a do a square not or how to string the beads . . .yep that was it. I think to accept such a challenge, I would want more time to consider ways in which I can be generous to others. I honestly read the challenge and forgot about it once I was at work (I tend to forget things once I'm working because with kids they each need your attention, one right after the other) I do like this challenge and I hope it is one that I continually pursue daily. Over and out. Love, Lolo


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