Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Join the Club

This week I've been up in the club. . . The 5 O'clock Club that is. And by "up" I mean groggily laying in bed drifting in and out of sleep attempting to sleepwalk to the coffee maker. I joined the club in order to learn to use time wisely and make spending time with Christ a priority. It hasn't been easy since I'm on summer break for my regular job and could be sleeping in if I wanted to.

I'm just grateful my membership hasn't been revoked due to me sleeping in a few extra minutes (or hours). What keeps me going is what I like to call the two Cs of the 5 O'clock Club: Coffee and Christ. This week there is no coffee involved in the process which has made my life a little darker and sadder (not really. . . but kind of). You see, the reason for this is that I'm house sitting this week and I bought coffee that has already been ground. When I returned to the house I learned that the coffee maker the owners have only.takes.beans. Sad story. I guess I'll have to pass the time by smelling and staring at this beautiful cylinder full of goodness. I'll be functioning through the rest of the week on survival mode (hopefully I make it!).

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Lozzz123 said...

Wow 5am, that's brave! Good on you though. I think the point of it is great - however I still think it would take me a while to be willing to get up that early!

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