Monday, February 13, 2012

I Went to College to Get More Knowledge

Well tomorrow is one of the most important days of the's Tuesday! Which means I'm halfway through my work week and a little closer to enjoying my three day weekend which will comprise of a 5k run at my alma mater and babysitting. You get to say alma mater when you're a grown up and you've graduated from college. . .like me!!! I finally got the call from my academic counselor that my degree has reached completion status (although I was done with my classes in December and it just took a long time for my school to receive my transcripts). I just have to pay my graduation fee of ONLY $150.00 and then the school will mail me my degree. Really? I guess the $435/unit wasn't enough to cover the cost of ink and paper. It seems like colleges will come up with a fee for everything.

 I'm surprised I haven't been charged for breathing. After four long, semi-intense years, I have to say I am glad I pursued a degree and have finally reached completion. There were times I cried and told my mom I was NOT going back to school and times I considered taking this route (minus the alcohol - naturally), but despite the challenges and a few failures along the way (as in failing classes - yep not proud of that, but I've moved on) by the grace of God I've finished school! I know I should be writing about all the knowledge I've learned especially in the field of psychology which WAS my major (it's so fun talking about college in the past tense!), but the two most important lessons I've learned are to trust God and be patient. There you have it. Nothing deep, nothing that will provoke an epiphany. Simply lessons that have made a little more like Christ and a little less like myself. Those have more value than any degree ever could and because after 23 years I have finally learned to be patient (I am not perfect in this area, but see myself responding in a more Christ like way than I used to) and to trust God like I never have before. It was hard not knowing whether or not my school had actually received my transcripts, but because of Christ in me, I was able to chose patience and trust. I didn't worry because I know that in the scope of eternity a degree means nothing, but how I respond to those in the process of earning that degree means everything. Now if only I could get one of these I'd be in business! What is Christ using in your life to make you more like Him? Happy Monday!