Saturday, January 28, 2012

Retail Rivalry

Target vs. Wal Mart

I Love Target
Yes I do! I love Target how about you?
Why I Love Target:
It's clean.
They do not encourage soliciting.
They have their own coupons (and a great coupon policy).
Great prices.
Items constantly go on clearance.
They do not block the aisles with displays of MORE products.
The $1.00 section.
Great fashion.
Great service.
Call me paranoid (I work with kids okay?) but I appreciate that Target has anti-bacterial cart wipes.
   With my Target debit card I save 5% on all of my in store purchases.
I've never had any, ahem "Creepster" experiences.
They now offer groceries and fresh produce for less than my local grocery store.
Returns are easy.

Okay, so this is, shall we say, "DRAMATIC," but I am starting to feel the same way.
Why I Hate Wal Mart:
It's gross.
I've been told to hold onto my purse when entering the store because they had purse snatchers.
I've had a guy follow me to my car asking me to buy a candy bar for his fundraiser. 
I feel like I will get mugged every time I walk in.
It's ridiculously crowded.
What's up with the product displays in the middle of the aisles? Is the store not crowded enough.
Did I mention it's gross? As in not clean. The floors are dirty and the store is just plain yucky.
The "Wal Mart" coupons on their website are really just manufacturers coupons (which can be found everywhere else and CANNOT be combined with any other coupons).
There is always AT LEAST 1 solicitor outside.

Yesterday, my T.A. and I were talking about how we love Target and hate Wallace World (my nick name for Wal Mart...yes,  I am that weird), which was my inspiration for this post. I believe that as a minimum, I should be able to have a somewhat pleasant shopping experience without being frustrated because I can't maneuver my cart through the aisles because the same company that wants me to fill that cart with goods has made the aisles too small to do so. I also believe that I should not feel insecure walking to my car or around a store. Let's face it: It's not downtown Los Angeles, it's not a bar, it's not an obscure location - it's a local convenience store. To deal with these things makes for a very unpleasant shopping experience. As a woman shopping alone, I need to know that I can purchase things for myself and my family (for survival and for fun) without feeling a threat (no matter how small)  - such as I might get robbed or have an unknown unplanned escort in the parking lot. Target all the way!!!

P.S. Did I mention that Target has everything