Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012: The Year of "Why Not?"

Although this month is close to an end (hey, it's not over 'til it's over) 2012 has been a great year so far. I feel like I'm growing so much. Growing up and growing into the woman Christ has called me to be. I don't know how to explain why I feel this way. I think I've just learned through experience and time to be patient and to have endurance and that with God all things are possible, that through Christ I can do whatever it is He has planned for me to do. For me growth is about challenging myself. I used to be very shy and in recent years have decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

This is why 2012 is the year of "Why Not?" For example, why not participate in a 5k walk/run alone and in the rain? Why not go see Mark Driscoll on his Real Marriage tour when it's only 15 minutes from my house? He is one of my favorite pastors after all. Why not adopt a child with Compassion Ministries? Why not see how much of my money I can give away? Why not start saving for a house even though I still have student loans to pay back? Why not fully trust God with my future? After all, He has been there for me-Every. Single. Time. It is only January, but as the year and life go by, I will be looking for "Why not?" opportunities. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. So instead of letting fear hold you back from something you want to do (or maybe something you don't) ask yourself, "Why not?" and see how the power of Christ will help you grow. Sanctification is a process my dear friends. Enjoy.