Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's A Love Story // Part 3

May 2, 2014
On this night at The Gathering, the college students were teaming up to play Just Dance on the projector screen. Lauren, who is a "behind the scenes" kind of girl, was annoyed when some of the guys began teasing her by signing her up to be on their teams. She was really annoyed when Derek came up at the end of the night and told her he had signed her up to be on his team. Lauren was very firm with Derek and told him she was not on his team and that she was not staying late that night. She thought Derek would leave her alone after she, in a sense, told him off. However, Derek was very gentle and sweet and asked Lauren how her week had been and how work was going. Lauren began to really question why he would always talk to her and noticed that he wasn't pushed away by anything she would say or do. 
May 9, 2014
This was Mystery Night, an event hosted by the youth ministry where Derek and Lauren served. For this event, staff members in the ministry would dress up as characters and provide teams of students with clues as to where they were hiding throughout the city. Lauren was dressed up as Anna from Frozen and Derek, in full body spandex, was a speed skater. Derek thought Lauren was so cute with the freckles she had as part of her make up for the night. At the conclusion of Mystery Night, Derek asked Lauren if she was going to Denny's with the rest of the staff members. She had decided not to after working an 18 hour shift the Wednesday prior. Derek was bummed and after Lauren left, he began to tell some of his guy friends that he kinda liked her. 
May 23, 2014
Derek and Lauren ended up attending the wedding of their mutual friends Katie and Trev. Derek had talked to them prior to their wedding to see if he could get a plus one to invite Lauren. Trev told him that Lauren had already been invited and would be attending the wedding. Derek was excited and tried to play it cool by going up to Lauren at church and asking if she would be attending the wedding. He got really excited when he found out she was and asked her if she was the flower girl for the wedding. At this point, Lauren thought Derek was clueless and replied, full of attitude, "The flower girl is like 5 years old!" The evening of the wedding, Lauren arrived with her roommate Courtney who was also attending. She and Courtney were "coincidentally" placed at the same table as Derek (thanks Trev!). Derek was genuinely excited when he discovered that they were at the same table. He sat right next to Lauren and talked to her the entire night. He shared stories about his life and asked her questions about hers. At one point Derek got so nervous, he ended up spilling water all over the table and almost all over Lauren. Derek tried to be smooth and asked Lauren if they could take a picture together in the photo booth, not one, but two times. Lauren was confused as to why he would ask this and changed the subject both times. Derek tried to serve Lauren by carrying her dinner to the table but she told him she could do it herself. Lauren thinks in black and white and figured since Derek had not said he was interested in her and they weren't really friends, she didn't owe him anything. Derek wasn't around when Lauren and Courtney left the wedding and Lauren didn't seek Derek out to say goodbye. At the wedding, many people had noticed how Derek stayed by Lauren the entire night and began to tell Lauren that he liked her. Although Lauren had begun to like Derek, she refused to believe that he liked her since he had not been the one to say that. 


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