Monday, December 28, 2015

8 Ways to Save Big at

For Christmas this year, my husband and I were SPOILED with gift cards and money from our families! 
We are SO grateful, humbled and blessed! 

A few years ago, I would've immediately created a list of things I wanted but didn't need and would have spent the money right away. 

Let's just say, you know you're an adult when Christmas rolls around and you start thinking about what you need instead of what you want. 

After all, when it's your first year of marriage and you have a baby on the way, there just comes a point where you stop thinking about what you want. 
Or maybe you just have a little bit more self control because reality has slowly sunk in and what your family needs becomes the top priority. 

One thing I've needed this season, being pregnant, is clothes. 
I know, I know, you're thinking, "Wow, it must be rough to be you, Lauren,"
 (insert eye roll and sarcastic tone here).

In the past, I would have LOVED it if I were in a situation where 
I was having to constantly need new clothes. 

Maternity however, is a different ball game. 

While buying new clothes is still fun, it's not as fun when you have to buy them because your size keeps increasing
BUT, I am grateful that I have been able to borrow clothes from a friend and that both my mother in law and my own mother spoiled me with maternity clothes. And I'm truly grateful for the Christmas money and gift cards we received that helped me (hopefully) buy the rest of the clothes that I'll need for this pregnancy!

 I was able to score MAJOR deals on maternity clothes at 
I used the following 8 helpful hints and I'm hoping they will help you do the same!

1. Use Ebates
I know y'all have heard a lot about Ebates from me recently, but using this site just makes sense. I clicked on the Old Navy link which took me directly to the Old Navy site. Clicking on the link through Ebates earned me 2% cash back on my purchase - not a huge amount but it does add up over time. 

I also recommend signing up for a Swagbucks account if you don't already have one. Swagbucks is currently offering 8 Swagbucks for every $1 spent on Old Navy. You can redeem Swagbucks for gift cards - I'm saving up for a $25 PayPay gift card to buy diapers! 

2. Use Promo Codes 
Fun fact - will allow you to use up to 4 promo codes at once! I found promo codes on Ebates, Swagbucks and and combined them for additional savings. Be sure to read the fine print as not all promo codes can be combined with other offers.

3. Sign Up for Email Alerts
Click here to sign up for email alerts and you will receive a 30% off coupon code delivered to your inbox! Make sure you sign up within 14 days of making your purchase because the code does expire. 

4. Sign Up for Text Alerts
Click here to sign up for text alerts and receive a promo code for $5 off a $35 purchase. You will have to wait 24 hours to receive your code. I wasn't able to use mine this time around because one of my promo codes for 40% off clearance items would have expired by then but I do plan on combining my $5 off coupon with my Super Cash!

5. Shop Around the Holidays
It does take some planning but I think this may be my new method for purchasing clothing and items for our home. Most stores will offer sales, promo codes and free shipping to get your business. When I shopped at, they were having an After-Holiday Sale ranging from 60%-75% off (even on clearance items).

6. Buy Discounted Gift Cards from Raise
Okay, so I didn't know about Raise when I did my first Old Navy transaction but after reading this, I had to sign up! Raise is a website where you can purchase discounted gift cards (both electronic and physical) for stores you are probably already shopping at. I knew I was going to spend around $50 at Old Navy once all my discounts were applied. I signed up for Raise and purchased 2 Old Navy electronic gift cards, one was $22.20 and the other was $21.85. I paid $44.05 for $50.00 in Old Navy gift cards! 

7. Use a Cash Back Credit Card
*GASP* Credit card? But doesn't Dave Ramsey say that's a big no, no? Yep, he sure does! But I use Chase Freedom and earn 1% cash back. Here's the deal: I only use it to purchase items that I've already budgeted for and receive a check from Chase at the end of each quarter. This does require self control - I've never paid interest on my credit card but I also haven't always used it wisely. If you can exercise self control, this is a great way to earn FREE MONEY! 

8. Shop During a Super Cash Promotion
I know this option is only available during certain times of the year so it may not always be applicable. I completed 2 separate transactions at - the first totaled $41.25 but I still received $20 Super Cash (I think as long as the total before discounts is $50, they will still give you the Super Cash!). My second transaction totaled  $59.46 once all discounts were applied and I received $30 Super Cash.