Sunday, September 15, 2013

Farmer's Market Fun

I've been trying to post this since yesterday, (well I've been trying to post for months but had to wait for the inspiration to come) but other things have been taking up my time. I also wanted the re-design to be complete before I posted anything (I may or may not be a perfectionist).  I went out to lunch with mi padre yesterday which was nice since I haven't really sat down with him and had a conversation in months due to time and distance. After lunch (which was Mexican, of course) we went to the local farmer's market so he could find some fresh ingredients for the dish he was making. I tagged along to "help" him find fresh basil and while he was looking around the store I took the liberty of snapping a few pictures. The Creative in me was captivated by the colors and textures in the market and like any normal shopper, I started snapping pictures of the items for sale. 

Bottle caps for days
I love the 'old fashioned' sense of serving soda in bottles.
These bottles are so pretty!!!! I love the geometric pattern of the glass.
It's not a grape but it's a fruit....
In my opinion, limes are the best thing that have ever happened to Mexican food.
Citrus for days
 {Fun fact: I do not like/eat/drink anything citrus}
Love the typography {and of course, I love guacamole!}
When life gives you lemons you should photograph them.
{There was no lemonade making in the creation of this blog post...}
Strawberries will ALWAYS remind me of my grandma Ree's (Marie) kitchen.

Although my family is far from perfect, I was grateful to have a date with my dad. Sometimes family {like life} is bittersweet. I have experienced much pain related to my family over the last few years but am thankful for even the smallest hints of hope that happen. I am also grateful for the trials that come in life because they are material  for sacrifice.

"God gives us material for sacrifice. Sometimes the sacrifice makes little sense to others, but when offered to Him is always accepted."
Elisabeth Elliot

Here's to keeping our fixed on our sweet savior, Jesus Christ.



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