Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tune in Tuesday

Let's be honest with ourselves here - as dignified American citizens, there would be nothing worse than having to publicly admit we listen to Country music because after all, listening to music about tractors, alcohol, dogs and just plain evil revenge plots, is a little - well, silly. Most of us don't spend our days thinking about dates that take place on tractors or about driving the trucks of our loved ones who have died (because quite frankly that's weird . . .) and would never want to admit that we have emotional attachments to our animals.
If you have been with me long enough to have read this post you may know that I confessed to possibly having a new found appreciation for this strange American genre known as Country. 
One of the songs from said genre that I absolutely adore is When I Die Young by The Band Perry 
(although when I sing it out loud I usually get the lyrics wrong and say bury me in cotton - it is, after all, the fabric of our lives). When I heard their newest single Better Dig Two I loved it immensely. The song is so wrong yet so right all at the same time. The song is powerful and definitely evokes a wide range of emotions. 

You know music means something when it makes you feel. No matter how you feel, you are not - not feeling. 

That is one of the main reasons that I love music so much, especially songs that tell stories
 (maybe country is for me after all . . . ).

I decided (possibly on a whim) to buy Pioneer, the latest album by the sibling trio because 1) I was with my little sister and we were supposed to be having fun 2) I needed some new music and 3) The album booklet was autographed with actual Sharpies and not just a copy of the band members signatures printed onto the booklet. 
That's cool, right? 
My little sister has yet to open her copy because, "It's worth more if you don't open it." I on the other hand being the older, more mature sibling demonstrated self control and opened the CD immediately
 (really - this isn't Elvis - the record label is using the signatures to create a demand in order to increase sales - but part of being older and wiser is that I the said older and wiser siblings keep these things to themselves so as not ruin the enjoyment of others). 
I have at least listened to the first five songs on the album and have yet to have heard the rest because I love the first five songs SO much.

 Like, for real!

If country's not the genre for you, maybe give the album a listen on Spotify before making a commitment. 
My favorite songs are Don't Let Me Be Lonely and Pioneer. 
I love the concept behind Pioneer (also the title of the album) which you can learn more about here.

If you've heard any songs from the album, what do you think so far?
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