Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Christmas Means to Me - Day 3

Yep, it's that time of year (whatever that really means). Maybe when people say it they're referring to the burden of having to eat all the sweets and treats that are passed around. I bought a bag of Rolos last night (ummm yeah...I guess I could have just bought one roll) and let's say I was consuming chocolate an unusual rates today. It got bad enough to where I shared my candy so I wouldn't consume it and when the phone kept ringing at work (which is really hard to answer when your cheeks are stuffed with chocolate and caramel) I thought to myself,
"Can't a woman just be alone with her chocolate?
Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I'm here to work - not eat chocolate."

I always tell people my main food groups are carbs and chocolate both of which I will stop eating tomorrow (I say this almost daily - with the best intentions of course). 

My 3 Cs for the Christmas are:
1. Coco powder (unsweetened - only for my coffee - ummm that doesn't have sugar right?) 
2. Coffee - Last night I was at Target again (I know you're in shock after reading that) and for a brief moment I asked myself, "Do you really need coffee?" and then I thought, "That's like asking if I want to live."
3. Coconut - Apparently it's healthy. I drink coconut milk and I bought coconut oil and coconut cream. The oil is for cooking and the cream? Well, I'm still not sure but the label has the word coconut so that's a start...right?

I am trying to have self control this season (as in not eating an entire bag of Rolos).
But from this week forward I will be plagued by parents bringing in Christmas goodness for myself and my co-workers to "enjoy." 
My coworkers will always take any treats that don't get consumed and put them on my desk (umm thanks guys!) since I'm the youngest (at least that's what they tell me). Last year it was so bad I took an entire box of truffles and told the headmaster he had to take them over to his office.

The crushed m&m probably should have sent the message, but I ate it all anyway...
it would have been rude not to.

This morning I was greeted by one of favorite students who wanted to give me a homemade rice krispy treat (is there any other kind?) - and who was I to deny her the pleasure of giving (I work at a school after all - I should be teaching the children to give right?).

Additionally, I'm sure that the chocolate will help soothe my sore throat (which might be strep and if it continues could be scarlet fever - yep it's going around at the prep this week - tis the season). 
I figured if my soul will last longer than my body and chocolate makes my soul happy it's actually healthy for me to eat chocolate.
What are your must have Christmas treats?


P.S. Yes, I realize it's a 25 day series and I'm behind but I am sick and next week is finals week. I'm a few days late but as long as I'm not a few dollars short I'll catch up later.