Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Review

BOBS shoes - walked around all day and didn't feel one bit of discomfort!

After a long and discouraging week of work, I was looking forward to going to the beach with some of the high school girlies from the youth group at my church. I was praying before we left that the Lord would use the time to revive my heart and refresh my soul and spirit. God is faithful. I was more refreshed and reminded of His grace than I expected I would be. Below are some of the moments I captured during the day.

Courtney used her sweet fishing skills to catch a shark.

A movie or commercial was being filmed.

Some weird chick wore BOBS instead of flip flops. . . I heard she doesn't even own a pair of flip flops. . . weirdo!

The view from up "pier". . . get it?! I'm here all week . . . 

Bubblegum at Ruby's.

Bubble gum up close and out of focus. I was trying to be "artsy fartsy,"
 the way Roy describes Pam in
 Season 2 of The Office.

Fish guts. You're welcome.

Trash the dress? Quinceanera style???

Courtney on the lookout. 

Chocolate chip. Cookie Dough. Shake.
Calories: 780. Enjoying the moment: Priceless.

Condos by the beach.


P.S. Dear readers, please do not feel as if I have been neglecting you. Between ministry and the last few weeks of school at The Prep, my life has been kinda cuckoo. 

P.P.S. Just in case you were wondering, I do NOT recommend spray on sunscreen. . .