Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Review: Hello Hollywood!

On Saturday, ma familie took a trip to the land of the rich and famous - Hollywood that is. I say, 
"The only people who want to go to Hollywood are those who have never been there." 
It looks pretty on t.v. but the truth is Hollywood is icky. I still have a heart for it though. I have a heart for the people there who are lost and need Jesus. I also think that Los Angeles is a very diverse county and find it awesome in a way that can't really be understood unless experienced. Beverly Hills is so clean but right outside the city limits are homeless people with shopping carts. I am so bothered by that, but that's just how it is. There seems to be an unspoken rule about remaining in your "territory". I will write more about that later. For now, here are some of my pictures from our teeny tiny tour of Tinsel Town. 

Probably the only thing in Hollywood that I agree with. 

A vast expanse of musical goodness.

From the Mezzanine Level - My family members are all in this one :)

Okay, not the best picture, but I was crossing a street when I took it. 

I hear about this street on the radio all the time, therefore it must be famous, therefore I must take a picture.

Frisco style street on the way to Beverly Hills.

I knew we were getting closer to the 90210 when I spotted this Charles David ad not in the 90210.

A You Know You're In Hollywood When . . . Moment - As In "You know you're in Hollywood when . . .
 Gas prices are ridiculous!!!"

Where the rich and famous get their *ahem* buns.

First sighting of the 90210 - I thought I wouldn't be able to even afford to breathe here,
but fortunately we just drove through so they couldn't charge us for oxygen use.

The Beverly Hills Police Department: Where the rich and famous go to report crime.

Ro-Day-Oh Drive (Not Road-ee-oh) ...This is Beverly Hills after all, not the Lone Star State.

First sighting of a REAL designer store!!! I freaked out, but my family had never heard of Badgley Mischka before.

CHANEL - Need I say more?

Notice how clean the streets are. Once you are in Hollywood, the streets are FILTHY .
The diversity in L.A. changes on every street corners.
It is very fascinating from an anthropological viewpoint.

A segment for a t.v. show or movie was being filmed, so naturally I rolled down the window and took a picture.
I thought it as  newscast since the microphone had a holder that said 12 on it, but there is no Channel 12 news in L.A. 

The City of Angels

Parking Structure

Weird chick who doesn't know how to use a camera . . . 



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