Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tune in Tuesday

Yes, the title of this series is from your local Target ad. No, I will not admit that I listen to country music (unless asked...I really DON'T encourage lying). *SIGH* I will let y'all in on a (not so) little secret. I, Lauren Michele, have been listening to country music. In my car. By myself. And the worst part is . . I like it. There. I said it. Never outside of the realms of this blog will you EVER hear me talking about country music (at least not out loud). Here are some of the songs I heart right now and I hope y'all enjoy them too (Is saying y'all twice in one post overkill? I'm new to country, so I don't know the laws of the land).  

Dancin' Away With My Heart by Lady Antebellum - Oh Lady A. you slay my heart every time I hear this song. After hearing some song about "it's a quarter after one and I'm a little drunk and I need you now" 100,898,798,456,432 times on the radio, I've always avoided Lady A (and that song...let's be honest, it's terribly pathetic). Since I've heard this song though, there's been no turning back.

Easy by Rascal Flatts featuring Natasha Bedingfield. What the heck? A country band produces an alternative song featuring a British pop singer? I have previously only seen songs featuring other artists in the rap world (which is one I stay FAR away from...). This mix has me confused but I like it. So much soul. So much passion. The harmony of their voices together = perfection. Umm this is so awesome so it has me wondering...Does this song actually count as country music?

Good Girl by Carrie Underwood. Love it. It's about a girl who's experienced heart break warning her naive, pre-heart break self about what she should avoid in relationships. It's powerful. It's fun. It's country???????? Who knew? If country music is a drug then let the local sheriff know he can arrest this girl for addiction.
Just kidding.
Kind of.



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