Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's A Love Story // Part 5

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Derek had originally planned on asking Lauren to marry him around Christmas time. Things changed when Derek was approached by his friend Trev who had asked Derek about working with him in a company providing low voltage electricity services. Derek considered the idea but when he found the company's first contract was out in North Carolina, he decided it wouldn't work. Although only being in California for two years, Derek had found a new place to call home and didn't want to leave behind his church family and of course, Lauren. He called Lauren to tell her that he decided not to take the job since it was in North Carolina.
Their phone conversation went something like this: 
Derek: "Babe, I talked to Trev about the job. I don't think it's going to work. . . it's in North Carolina. . . "
Lauren: "So? . . . "
Derek: "Well, I'd have to quit TC". . .  (TC stands for Training Center, it's a men's Bible training program at Faith Bible Church).
Lauren: "Well, why? There's a guy FaceTiming in from New Zealand."
Derek: "Well I wouldn't want to leave you."
Lauren: "Well, I'll come with you!" 
Derek: "Well, I don't really want to leave our church. I'm settled out here and I really like Calfornia."
Lauren: "Babe, this is really exciting! It sounds like a really good opportunity to learn a new skill and to grow and move up in a company. Besides, my dad would probably be more likely to say yes when you ask his permission to marry me." 
Derek: ". . .babe!"
Lauren: "Well, if you're looking for the girl that's going to tell you what you want to hear, that's not me."
Long story short, Derek decided to take the job. He was going to be leaving before Thanksgiving but had it on his heart to propose to Lauren prior to leaving so she knew where she stood with him. On Wednesday, October 29th, Lauren knew Derek was going to propose soon when he called Lauren's roommate, Courtney and Courtney took the phone outside. Lauren heard Courtney say, "Do I have to do it today?" and she knew something was up. Later that evening Derek made a point to schedule a date ahead of time for he and Lauren to go out. Lauren found it very unusual that Derek had asked to pull out the calendar since she is more of a Type A personality and Derek prefers to "wing it." He asked if they could spend time together on Saturday, November 15th and Lauren knew that she would be getting engaged then. 
 The Proposal
Lauren had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Saturday, November 15th since she had a pretty good feeling it was the day Derek would propose. He had told her the evening prior that he would like to pick her up at 7 AM the next day for a morning hike. Once Derek picked her up, they drove to Sandia Creek, a trail for hiking. They began hiking along one of the trails and went back quite far. At one point, Lauren noticed a high hill and asked Derek if they could climb up to it. He said they could and he knew a way to get there. Derek led Lauren down to the creek that runs parallel to the trail and told Lauren they would have to take off their shoes and wade across the creek to get to the trail. Lauren was hesitant at first as she isn't one who prefers the cold or getting dirty, two required elements for crossing the creek. Lauren asked Derek if they could cross in an area that wouldn't require wading through the creek when Derek pointed across the way to a blanket set up with coffees, pastries and surrounded by red roses, and said, "Hey, what's that over there?" As soon as Lauren noticed the set up, she obliged and crossed the creek. Once they arrived at the blanket, Derek told Lauren how much he had enjoyed their relationship and getting to know her, serving alongside her and seeing her heart for Christ. He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and said, "Will you marry me?" To which Lauren replied, in a high pitched voice, "YES!" Derek placed the ring on her finger and they shared their first kiss. Lauren noticed a lady taking pictures of them and it turned out to be their friend Austin, who Derek had asked to come photograph the proposal. Once Lauren said yes, she heard clapping from the bushes and realized that Courtney, and one of the girls from Lauren's high school Bible study group, Makayla, had witnessed the proposal. From there, Derek and Lauren went to eat lunch at Miguel's with Lauren's family. After lunch, Lauren and Derek made a quick stop at a local thrift store to view some items that Lauren's mom suggested might be used for centerpieces. While they were at the thrift store, Derek pretended to receive a phone call from Steve, a mutual friend of theirs. Derek told Lauren that Steve and his wife Amie had wanted them to stop by so they could see the ring. They left the store and drove over to Amie and Steve's house and when they arrived, Lauren noted that there were many cars parked on the street and thought maybe one of the neighbors was having a party. She was surprised when they knocked on Amie and Steve's door and her mom answered. When her mom pulled the door all the way open, a group of Lauren and Derek's friends yelled out, "Surprise!" Lauren then realized that the party was at Amie and Steve's and it was an engagement party. She and Derek spent the afternoon with their friends and family and ended the evening eating pizza and watching Elf at Lauren's parents house. 


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