Saturday, December 1, 2012

What Christmas Means to Me: 25 Days of Truth, Tradition and Trivia

Day 1 - December 1st

Today was the first time (like ever) that my family bought a Christmas tree and took the Christmas decorations down from the attic. We usually wait until later in December to break out the Christmas decor but with a little begging (and a family that misses me) it was easy to convince everyone to begin Christmas early. For me Christmas begins at the end of August/beginning of September. The first sign of leaves changing color and colder temperatures means. . . Fall time to start listening to Christmas tunes. I am a very sentimental individual and I spend the ENTIRE year anticipating Christmas. Instead of going along with the false cultural notion that it is only okay to officially start Christmas after Thanksgiving, I ease into my Christmas by starting early. I am super excited for Christmas this year!!!! 
(Well okay, every year...but who isn't?)
 This year I am most looking forward to spending time with my family and church family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
I also look forward to the informal traditions such as wearing my Christmas socks that say Let It Snow (glitter included). 
I look forward to serving at our sponsor church in L.A. 
I love watching all the Christmas movies and listening to the Christmas music.
I love smiling and telling people - with a little twinkle in my eye - "Merry Christmas!!!"
I love that (sadly) people are a little nicer this time of year (ummm....should't we be nice errday?)
I love our family traditions.
Every year my mom violates our 8th Amendment rights by making us watch her old favorite 
The House Without A Christmas Tree. 
My dad gets his turn on Christmas eave with A Christmas Carol 
(but it has to be the George C. Scott version).
I am excited that when I drive around town and I see houses decorated with sparkly lights
 (blondes + sparkles is a bad combo especially when said blonde is driving).
Basically, I'm just excited about Christmas and I hope you are too.



Jenna Kay said...

LOL! I'm not a blonde, but I still love the sparkly Christmas lights!

I'm trying to be a scrooge this year... but now I'm thinking I might have to smack myself up-side the head with some gingerbread...

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