Sunday, June 24, 2012

Going AWOL

Dearest friends and readers,
My deepest apologies for not updating le blog sooner. You see after being away at Summer Camp with my church's junior high and high school ministries for five days, I woke up Thursday morning with a nasty cold. The bad news is that I may have gone AWOL. The good news is I didn't go crazy (trust me, I arrived there a while ago).

I am deeply encouraged because while I've been away, the blog continued to receive multiple page views daily. Thanks for your continued love, support and for bearing with me. At this rate, new content will be posted by Thursday depending on whether or not I'm well again. My weekend has been sad since I had to miss attending the new college group at my church for the second time in a row. Yesterday, I saw Brave with my family. . . At least I got to spend time with my family. This morning was quite a success if I do say so myself. Not only did I make it to church, but I only had to get up once to blow my nose. Tonight I'll be adding a cough syrup to the lovely collection above so that I might actually recover my health (DayQuil hasn't done a thing except maybe make me a little cuckoo . . . Yep, I just blamed it on the meds.) I'm really enjoying limited activity and the opportunity to catch up on re-runs . . . Okay, not really. I have been deeply touched by my church body and learning about zeal for Christ's bride this morning, expect to see a post about it soon! I hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend!


P.S. One of the highlights of Summer Camp was meeting my favorite blogger Julianna. She and her husband were kind enough to lead worship for our group.


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