Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Complaisant Tim Tebow

*This post is a response to The Controversial Tim Tebow by Stan Guthrie. You can read it here.*

Lately Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been receiving much flack both on and off the field. The question is, "Why?" Mr. Tebow first began stirring up fans and haters alike when he began wearing Bible verses on his eye blacks while in college. Many people are offended because of Tebow's boldness in public. He has been ridiculed by non-believers and sadly even believers are beginning to criticize. So what's the big deal about Tebow? He gives glory to God in all that he does. In his book, Tim Tebow: Through My My Eyes (2011) Tebow wrote, "This isn't just about when we're out there with cameras rolling and pointed in our faces. I may say I'm playing for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. True. But it's not just that. It's about going out every day, in every setting, and working hard. It's about being dedicated and playing hard because I honestly believe that God receives joy when He sees me doing that with the skills he blessed me with" (p. 172-73).

People are offended because they are in sin. In the modern world, it is culturally unacceptable to be intolerant of the way another individual is behaving. Confronting people regarding their sin means one is judgmental. The bottom line is that people are angry with Tim Tebow because when He does glorify God (by praying or wearing Scripture) they are forced to think that God might actually be real. They become afraid because if He is real, the sinful way in which they live would "suddenly" become wrong. Psalm 14: 3 states, "They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one," (ESV, emphasis mine). If you ask most people if they are good they will say yes. However if you do this test with them, they will have to admit that they are not good. Admitting that you are not good and need a Savior to save you from your sin is an act of humility. Since individuals have lived without Christ for so long, they have become prideful in their own efforts and do not want to be humbled. It is sad, but true.

Does this mean there's no hope? I don't know. I do know that ultimately that is up to God. I do know that as a believer when I see another individual talking the talk AND walking the walk,  I will do whatever it takes to support them in spreading the Gospel. I do know that it is WRONG for believers to think that other believers should not be so bold about their faith because it might "push" some people away and to those who do so, I say, "Shame on you!".

The Gospel is meant to be offensive to those who are in sin. If you are not offended by it, there are deeper heart issues going on (such as pride). Being offended by it is good because it shows you that you NEED a Savior. Many people were offended by what Jesus had to say. Did that stop Him? Most definitely not. As our time on earth is limited I can only hope that my life serves to glorify God in all aspects the way Tim Tebow's does. If you have a problem with that, my prayer is that you would really consider your life now and how it could be different with Christ as the Lord of your life. Here's to the Broncos winning the Super Bowl next season (and Tim Tebow using that win to glorify God of course).